It's really happening

We'll Have to Pass launches next week

What to look forward to

The Have2Pass team would like to assure you that there is content coming, and soon! We have two amazing articles — both wildly different stories and styles — in the pipeline and we can’t wait to share them with you.

The first piece is a twisty, turning oral history of the debaucherous concerts held in the old McCarren Park Pool, then “the center of the creative cool-shit universe.” It’s our inaugural piece, written by Patrick Sauer (Twitter: @pjsauer), and it will publish next Monday, November 9.

Our second story, which will drop in early December, is a stunning narrative about the singular experience of sailing across the Pacific — typically an “the offshore sailor’s dream” — in the midst of a pandemic. It’s by none other than Lauren Sloss (Twitter: @laurensloss).

For now, we’ll be publishing one story a month. But as our resources grow, we hope to increase our cadence. That’s where you come in.

How you can help

At this point, we are operating at a loss, money-wise, but hope to make up for it through immense intellectual gain. The first month is running us about $270, and while we’re thrilled to pay our contributors (and, hopefully, one day, the editors, too!), we’d prefer to use your money to do it. So — if you are feeling so inclined — you can now subscribe to the We’ll Have to Pass newsletter for just $5/month.

We’re confident that we will soon be on some other Substack newsletter, getting interviewed about this publication, blasting our readership into the stratosphere. But for now, you, the potential Founding Subscribers, are our only hopes for getting We’ll Have To Pass off the ground, and we would greatly appreciate whatever support you can offer as we work to give incredible stories the spotlight they deserve.

Stay in touch

This newsletter is the real focus of our attention, but you can now follow us on Twitter @Have2Pass.

If you have a languishing pitch or killed story you’re dying to share with the world, email us at We’re lining up content for the new year!

All other comments, questions, concerns, or compliments can be directed toward Eleanor Cummins (Twitter: @elliepses).

See you again soon!